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My aim is to meet your expectations accurately.


The will I draft for you will be designed to work.

Even a modest estate needs a will, putting someone you trust in charge to carry out your wishes. Whether you have young children or adult children and grandchildren a will is the best way to ensure that you have provided for them.

Powers of Attorney

A Power of Attorney allows you to name someone to make decisions for you if you are not capable of doing so for yourself.

A Power of Attorney for Personal Care covers matters concerning your health and medical treatment. A Power of Attorney for Property covers matters concerning your finances. For the purposes of security, I will hold your Power of Attorney for Property in safekeeping until is needed.

Estate Planning and Administration

An estate is looked after by your chosen Executor and Trustee. If there is no will, somone (usually a family member or close friend) will apply to be named the Estate Trustee. My role as solicitor for the Estate is to advise the Executor regarding their rights and duties throught the process of their administration from the initial reivew of assets to the final distribution of the estate.

I take the time to tactfully search out the sensitive issues common to any estate administration, and to allow the process to be as candid and open as possiible.